Ballroom A
Ballroom D
Ballroom G
Ballroom H
River A
River B
9:15 AM
Ballroom AAccessibility in the Enterprise: The Relationship of A11y and ROI
Chris DeMars
Introductory and overviewFront-End & WebOther
Ballroom DDesigning Real-time Web Applications
Timothy Mecklem
Katie Pohlman
IntermediateBack-EndDesignFront-End & Web
Ballroom GWhy Developer Communities Matter
Jeffrey Strauss
Introductory and overviewProfessional SkillsOther
Ballroom HHow to take the fear out of Kubernetes
Sean Whelan
Introductory and overviewCloud & InfrastructureDevOpsPatterns & Practices
River BBuilding an ML Stack for the Enterprise
Preska Sharma
IntermediateAI & MLCloud & InfrastructureDevOps
10:15 AM
Ballroom AThe Automation Firehose: Be Strategic and Tactical
Thomas Haver
Introductory and overviewPatterns & PracticesTesting
Ballroom DCreating Reusable Components…That Are Actually Reusable
Cory House
Introductory and overviewDesignFront-End & WebPatterns & Practices
Ballroom HEvolving your APIs, a step-by-step approach
Nicolas Fränkel
Introductory and overviewBack-End
River AFeature Flags - The Art of the IF and Deployment
Chris Ayers
IntermediateCloud & InfrastructureFront-End & WebPatterns & Practices
River BBuild a Data Warehouse in Less Than 30 Minutes
Juan Carlos Chipi
Introductory and overviewDataDatabases
11:15 AM
Ballroom AShorts on Sorts
Katie Dwyer
Introductory and overviewBack-EndPatterns & Practices
Ballroom D
Ballroom GThe Future of People
Jeff Blankenburg
IntermediateAI & MLCloud & InfrastructureData
River BIs Die Hard a Christmas Movie? Let's ask Azure!
Matt Eland
Introductory and overviewAI & MLCloud & InfrastructureData
1:15 PM
Ballroom AMaster All Frontends in Real-Time with React Native
Stephen Shary
IntermediateFront-End & WebMobile
Ballroom D
Ballroom GBeating Burnout in the Era of the Great Resignation
Scott Dust
Introductory and overviewProfessional SkillsOther
Ballroom HEvent Messaging and Streaming with Apache Pulsar
Mary Grygleski
Introductory and overviewBack-EndCloud & InfrastructurePatterns & PracticesOther
River AAdvanced TypeScript
Tyler Jennings
AdvancedFront-End & WebLanguagesPatterns & Practices
River BCache Rules Everything Around Me
Matthew Groves
2:20 PM
Ballroom ADark UX Patterns
Vitaliy Matiyash
Introductory and overviewDesignFront-End & WebPatterns & Practices
Ballroom DTC39 - From the proposal to ECMAScript - Step by Step
Romulo Cintra
Introductory and overviewFront-End & WebLanguages
Ballroom GTeaching the Technical: How to Write Good Docs and Tutorials
Ryan Feigenbaum
Introductory and overviewFront-End & WebProfessional Skills
Ballroom HAutomate Canary Testing With Serverless
Lamarr Henry
IntermediateCloud & InfrastructureDevOpsTesting
3:25 PM
Ballroom ADo You Want to Build a Browser Extension?
Matthew Sheehan
Introductory and overviewFront-End & Web
Ballroom DSignals, Signals, Everywhere: Tracking Aircraft with Redis & Software-Defined Radio
Guy Royse
Introductory and overviewDataDatabasesHardware & IoTPatterns & Practices
Ballroom GMental Health in Tech - Improving Mental Wellness
Dianna Keen
IntermediateProfessional SkillsOther
Ballroom HBuilding Event-Driven Microservices
Chad Green
Introductory and overviewBack-EndCloud & InfrastructurePatterns & Practices
River ARecruiters Suck. Use them.
Taylor Desseyn
Introductory and overviewProfessional SkillsOther
River BLearn You a "Big Idea" Programming Language
Jared Smith
IntermediateLanguagesProfessional Skills