Presented by:Brindha Lokanathan
“If I had known earlier “– The phrase we most often hear when we miss opportunities and/or when mishaps happen. As the necessity of delivering a product rapidly in this ever-changing world arises, the need for a quality product becomes inevitable. Therefore, we need to shift our Testing Strategy as well. Should we be validating and verifying the product when it is completely ready, or should we begin the validation sooner? The need for validation earlier in the Software Life Cycle provides not only better-quality Software, but also reduced cost, time, and manpower. Where should the testing begin? Should it be Integration Testing, System Testing or Unit Testing? Actually, it would be none of them. The testing should begin at the earliest stage of Software Development – Requirement Gathering. We will be discussing about the Shift Left Strategy and how the QEs play the vital role.
Level: Introductory and overviewTags:Testing