Presented by:Jared Smith
Are you looking to level up your development skills? Are you thinking about learning a new programming language? A quick internet search will turn up a lot of language advocates try to convince you why you should learn their favorite programming language. I'd like to approach it from a different perspective: what criteria should you look for in a language to learn? The most important thing to look for when choosing a language to learn for growing as a developer is a "Big Idea": taking a problem and solving it in a way the current crop of languages don't or can't. These Big Ideas can open up new vistas of possibility in your own headspace as a developer, often by making you think differently about how you solve those problems today in the language you're currently using. This talk is for developers who primarily develop in a single language in a specific domain (e.g. Javascript for frontend web development) but are looking to expand their horizons.
Level: IntermediateTags:Languages, Professional Skills