Presented by:Sierra OBryan
Android development can be hard. Jetpack Compose will make it easier. Compose is a new declarative UI toolkit for building compelling user interfaces quickly, easily, and completely in Kotlin. It combines a fantastic and powerful language that has modern features like functional programming paradigms, conciseness, and readability with a fantastic and powerful framework that’s intuitive to learn with familiar architecture patterns from other declarative frameworks and fun to use. And all of this without a line of rogue XML! In this session, we’ll start with the some history of Jetpack Compose, Android, and declarative UIs and then get our hands into some code. We’ll build an app from the ground up and talk about composable functions - the building blocks of the UI, how to take our UI and make it beautiful and accessible, how to use and manage state, and how to add navigation.
Level: Introductory and overviewTags:Mobile