Presented by:Jeffrey Strauss
Conventional wisdom states that successful developers can only grow their careers by climbing into positions of management. Yet how many techies have the desire (or, let’s face it, the necessary skills) to trade in their IDEs to become people managers? There is another path—one where personal growth benefits more than just one person. It is the path where good developers become GREAT community leaders! Whether through blogging, public speaking, working forums, or dedicating time to mentoring others, supporting the #DeveloperCommunity is among the most rewarding and meaningful of professional pursuits. I have spent over a decade building, advising, and leading developer communities, internally and around the world. The scenarios have all been vastly different, but the net positive outcomes for those impacted have always been the same: increased engagement, new business opportunities, energetic growth, attraction of great talent, and overall happier people. Want to learn more about why developer communities matter? This talk will help you make the pragmatic business case for developing and growing your community. It will give you a rundown on how to get started, or expand the efforts you’ve already begun. There is more than one way to evolve and advance in your career and your team. By focusing on developer communities, you can level yourself up while having a positive impact on your organization and the entire industry.
Level: Introductory and overviewTags:Professional Skills, Other