My lecture/case study; was based on sending the wrong man to prison for a crime he didn’t commit using Facial Recognition software. I began to conduct research and submitted questionnaires and interviews throughout the technology community. My findings lead me to this presentation. The proposal/lecture/case study; was based on sending the wrong man to prison for a crime he did not commit using Facial Recognition software. Some of the most prominent AI facial recognition is that these programs fail to recognize dark-skinned faces and dark skin in general, over fifty percent of the time. 50% is unacceptable and will only further systematic oppression and racism plaguing people of color worldwide. From having our speed and traffic violations recorded at every stoplight via a computer-generated AI with facial recognition software to systems that immediately analyze a criminal’s fingerprints, it impacts us in many ways we do not even notice. Artificial Intelligence is on our streets, grocery stores, and even our homes. It is an issue we need to address for various reasons, one of the most primary being some AI does not work if an individual is black. We are not yet at a point wherein artificially intelligent robots are after human blood; this is good but does not mean it will ever occur. While these AI processes may streamline many procedures and increase efficiency regarding certain aspects of modem society, the fact remains if it is used to make life-changing decisions for us, a disparity between appropriately recognizing the color of the subject’s skin is paramount and akin to further propagating the already vast racial disparities experienced around the world. •My research indicates that the latest facial recognition software is 99% effective if the subject is white but 80% or less effective when recognizing black faces, specifically black women. My research found issues rooted within databases used to provide a basis for facial recognition. •Until such a time that Artificial Intelligence is amended to include and recognize all races, it will remain a facet of institutionalized racism, which continues to threaten the livelihood of the global majority.
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